All-series products serve the chemical industry, offer the specialized liquid transmission solution


Professional founder of solutions for the transmission of petrochemical-industry related liquid media


The first choice of global refrigeration supporting enterprises in choosing stable refrigeration media transmission tool

New Energy

Provide stable solutions for global and China’s new energy field for a long term

HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd.

Established in 1997, HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd. (as HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian) is a joint venture between Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH and Dalian Danai Pumps Co., Ltd., in which the German Party holds 54.38% shares and with sealless canned motor pump and magnetic drive pump as its main products.

The products have been widely applied in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile, nuclear power and refrigeration industries. It has a long-term partnership with such well-known chemical, petrochemical enterprises as SINOPEC, CNPC, CHEMCHINA, BASF,Covestro, Evonik Degussa, Dupont, Dow Chemical, etc.

Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH

Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH was founded in 1866, being a worldleading position in the global market of sealless pump. Hermetic products stand for best quality and highest operational safety in chemical, petrochemical, refrigeration and nuclear industries.

Dalian Hermetic introduced synchronously the advanced design, manufacture technologies from Germany. The excellent quality assurance and customer service system is available to provide users with safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to fluid delivery.

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